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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Money, Unlock All Characters & Mod Menu)

Frag Pro Shooter is one of the best action games developed by Oh BiBi. Oh Bibi developed this game with incredible features that make it very exciting for the players. Nowadays, when most people like playing games, the creators of the games get more profit. When we are stressed by our daily routine and the burden of our work we want to play games for relief. These action games make you feel comfortable and relaxed. For that purpose, Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK is an amazing game for play.


Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk



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Oh BiBi


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In this Frag MOD APK game, you have to play in the form of teams. You are a member of one of the teams and you have to kill the other teammates to win the battle. The teams we choose are from different countries and every team represents their country. Sometimes, both you and your opponents’ teams are from the same country.

This game gives you unlimited revivals. It means every time you will die you can revive yourself but when you die the opponent team will get a benefit that decreases your chance to win. So, you have to play carefully but after death when you revive you will become very close to the player who killed you. So you can easily kill the player and get your revenge.

Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk

The Frag Pro Shooter game has incredible 3D graphics and amazing sound systems which gives the game a brilliant view for the players. This game has 70 plus characters all of them with different abilities and powers. You can choose 5 characters in one battle for playing. For better gameplay, you will have not to rush alone to the enemies however always move with your teammates and cooperate and coordinate with them. Avoid your character from falling in the water because when your character falls in the water he will drown.

You can also build your own powerful and mightiest team with all unique and distinct characters. You can also control your character between the first-person and third-person view. In the third-person view, you can shoot automatically. You can challenge other teams in epic and unique 1v1 matches.

frag pro mod apk

A battle consists of ten players which are divided equally between the two teams and for winning the game you have to kill all the opponents. This is the best game for those players who love action games. The Frag Pro Shooter APK Game is an incredible game because of its unique features which make it different. Additionally, you can also download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition game from our website.

Features of Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK game:

When you downloaded the modded version of the Frag Pro Shooter game you will get a lot of benefits that make the game easy and more interesting.

  • Unlimited Money – You will get unlimited money through which you can easily upgrade all the characters and skills.
  • Unlock All Characters – In the modded version all the characters are already unlocked.
  • Unlimited Coins – The modded game gives you unlimited coins. Through these coins, you can easily get many things.
  • Unlimited Diamonds – This modded game gives you unlimited diamonds.
  • Infinite Ammo – You will get unlimited ammo which makes the game easy.
  • Unlimited Ability – You will have unlimited ability for playing the battles.

Tips For Playing The Frag Pro Shooter game:

Playing Tips For Frag Pro Shooter Game
Playing Tips For Frag Pro Shooter Game

Here we should give you some tips for playing the Frag Pro Shooter Apk game that helps you a lot.

  1. Every character in the game has strengths as well as weaknesses. You have to carefully see which player is best for you and has more eligibility than other characters.
  2. For gaining a lot of points you have to attack the shields of the opponent teams but you have to be careful from ambushes while attacking.
  3. You will try all characters to know which character is best and helps you more in winning the battles.

Features of The Game:

This is a unique game because of its different and amazing features which are listed below.

1. Different Styles of Characters:

This game has a lot of characters and all the characters have different styles of playing. Each character has a specific and unique quality that is different from other characters. By playing with these different styles of characters you will know which character is best for you. When you master the different tricks of the characters you can easily defeat your enemies during battles.

2. Incredible Transition of Characters:

This game gives you an incredible transition of characters. It means when you die during the battle you can move from one character to another. This feature gives you a great opportunity to play with different characters with unique qualities in the battle which makes the game more interesting and exciting.

3. Amazing Customization Options:

The Frag Pro Shooter game provides you with amazing customization options through which you can improve the gameplay. By improving gameplay you can get incredible attacking and defense styles that help you in defeating your enemies and win the battle. In the game, you can easily change between your five characters at any time during the battle.

4. Build a Unique and Powerful Team:

In the game, you can build a unique and powerful team. With the help of this powerful team, you can take part in different arenas and defeat other teams easily. You have 70 plus characters to choose from for building your strong team for taking part in battles and winning them.

5. Amazing Gameplay:

The Frag Pro Shooter has amazing gameplay which makes the game more exciting. At the beginning of the game, both teams will get equal points and your first challenge is to reduce the opponent’s points to zero. As you get more points you will be able to unlock more weapons and skills which increases your progress. In this gameplay, you can also choose between the first and third person in which there is auto-firing that helps you a lot in the battle. Now, you can also download the Mini Militia Mod Apk game from our website for free.

6. 70 Plus Different characters:

This game has 70 plus characters with different and unique styles of playing. All the characters have their specific qualities which are different from one another which makes the game more interesting. You can choose 5 characters at a time in one battle and switch between them.

7. Create and Join clubs:

You can also create and join different clubs. These clubs are spread all around the country and also worldwide. In these clubs, you can talk and interact with other plays all around the world. When you get 1000 gold you will be allowed to make your own club. 

8. Upgrade your Characters:

You can also upgrade your characters and their skills. Every time you upgrade the character you will reach the next level. By upgrading the characters you can increase the eligibility of the character which makes them powerful.

9. Graphics and Sound Quality:

The Frag Pro Shooter Apk game has incredible 3D graphics and display. These graphics give you a very realistic effect. You can feel very good during the battles because the animations are very amazing. This 3D platform with a number of unique effects gives you great visual effects. It also gives you different maps with each level so you have to remember them properly for hiding yourself easily.

On the other hand, the sound quality is also remarkable which gives you a very authentic effect. The amazing sound of battles between two teams is very exciting.

How To Download The Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK Latest Version?

It is very easy to download the Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK version or the simple version of this game. You have to follow the steps that are listed below:

How To Download
How To Download
  • Firstly, if you want to download the mod-free version of this game, you have to go to the google play store.
  • Then, search the Frag Pro Shooter Apk game in the search bar, and you will get the results then click on the searched game you want to download.
  • After that, click on the download option, and the game will be downloaded on your mobile.
  • But if you want to download the Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK version of this game, you have to follow some more instructions.
  • First of all, you have to uninstall the previous version of this Frag Pro Shooter game. Without uninstalling the previous version, you may not be able to download the modded version of the Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK.
  • Once you uninstall the previous version you can easily download the modded version of this game. After that, go to the setting option of your mobile device and press the security setting.
  • After entering the setting option, click on the unknown sources to enable it.
  • Because sometimes the hacked versions of games are not permitted on the devices. That’s why we need to enable the “unknown sources option.”
  • After that, you only need to click on the download button given below.
  • Then go to the download file, click the game and press the install button.
  • After installing it, the game will appear on your mobile screen then press the game icon and start playing the game to have fun.

FAQs About The Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK 2022 Game:

Here we have some of the FAQs about this MOD APK game:

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