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Download War Machines MOD APK v6.7.1 2022 (Unlimited Gems, Radar Feature, Mod Menu)

War machines MOD APK is one of the best action games for its players to get a remarkable experience of tank wars. If you are interested in tanks, then this game is definitely for you. You can play it for hours without getting bored. This game helps you get some peace from the burdens of your life. War Machines MOD APK gives you the best experience of playing with tanks in battles. Those who love military wars and battles with tanks will have a huge adventure in this game.

This game gives you a variety of tanks from which you can choose your favorite one for the battles. You have to defend your nation and army from enemies with the help of tanks. Your enemies also have tanks to attack you. So, you must carefully defend yourself and protect your army. For increasing the abilities and capacities of your tanks and weapons you can upgrade them to their maximum extent. If you want extra benefits, then you can download the modded version of War Machines MOD APK.

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If you do not want to play alone in the game, you can also play in a team with your teammates during battles. But if you like to play alone, you can play this game against everyone in combat. As we know tanks are very dangerous as they demolish everything that comes in their way and in the real world they are only used during wars. So, if you want to enjoy the tank wars you have to download the War Machine MOD APK.

You can easily control and operate the tank as its controls are very simple. The controls that allow you to operate the tank are located on the left side of your device’s display. Players can move the gun barrel of the tanks 360 degrees and then the view is also moving in the direction of the gun barrel so that you can easily achieve your goal by killing your enemies. In the top right corner, there is a button used to shoot from the barrel of a gun, and at the bottom of the device display, you can see the HP of your tank. When the HP goes to zero you will not survive.

You can also customize and upgrade your tanks according to your style. The game gives you fantastic game modes that increase your adventure. If you lose or die during the game, you will have the opportunity to continue the game from where you lost. You have to fight with all your might and concentration in order to protect your nation. So, download this amazing game and have a lot of enjoyment.

Advantages of the War Machines MOD APK:

If you download the modified version of this game you will enjoy unique and fantastic features which are listed below.

  • Unlimited everything: In the modded version, you’ll find everything unlimited which makes the game a little easier for the players.
  • Unlocked all premium options: All premium options will also be unlocked in this version.
  • Unlimited money: You get unlimited money to buy whatever you want.
  • 100 plus levels available: In the modified game, you will get 100 plus levels for a brilliant experience.
  • Unlimited gems: You will also get unlimited gems that increase your chances of winning.
  • Enemies detectable on the radar: In this version, you can easily detect enemies on the radar.

General Information about the game:

The general information about the game is given here.

  • The name of this great game is: War Machines MOD APK
  • The size of this game is:  113.1 MB
  • The name of the developer of this game is:  Fun Games For Free
  • The operating system of this game is:  6.7.1
  • The latest version of this game is:  Android 4.4 +

Features of the game:

The War Machines has amazing and unique features for its players to experience the fantastic battles of tanks.

1. Energetic Gameplay:

The gameplay of War Machines MOD APK is very energetic and wonderful. The developers put a lot of effort into creating this fantastic gameplay. Every match you play in it is only three minutes long. In these three minutes, you will have to destroy as many tanks as possible and if you destroy most of the tanks then the victory will be yours. 

If you will get the victory or get a higher rank you will get a lot of coins and points through which you can buy and upgrade the tanks you will choose for your battles. With the help of the best tanks, you can easily destroy your opponent in the match and get success. This game also gives you a variety of tanks to choose from and you can use them to protect your nation.

2. Acquire a Variety of Tanks:

In this game, you can acquire a variety of tanks for battles. When you complete a battle, you will get coins and points according to your place and fighting abilities in battles. Through these coins, you can buy your favorite tank for fighting against your enemies. If you fight best in battles and you are in a top position, then you will get more points and coins. 

Tanks with excellent quality and customization are obviously more expensive compared to other tanks. Since the quality of the tanks is based on the tier system in this game, the tanks with higher strength and leverage are at the top while the rest are at the bottom according to their capabilities. So, if you want the best tanks, you will need more coins because they are more expensive than others.

3. Amazing Customization and upgrade option:

Players have amazing customization and upgrade options to make their tanks and weapons more powerful for battles. You can upgrade your weapons, tanks, and fighting skills with the coins you get for fighting in the battles according to your performance. With the help of these coins, you can also unlock your preferred tanks and weapons of excellent quality.

When you upgrade and customize your tanks and weapons, it will enhance their strength of fighting. This will increase your chances of winning the battles because of the best quality tanks and weapons.

4. War of Tanks in the game:

War Machines is an amazing game in which a war of tanks is held instead of human battles. As we know tanks are a very destructive medium, they eliminate and demolish everything that comes in their way only in one shot. You will also have to face the enemy tanks against your tanks in battles. Therefore, tanks with more strength and power will get victory in the tank war.

So you have to be careful because your enemies also have tanks and if one of their strikes touches you it will be disastrous for you. You can enhance the strength of your tanks and weapons by upgrading them to their maximum extent. Finally, the whole game depends on your skills and expertise to manage the tanks perfectly in battles. 

5. Fantastic Game Modes:

In War Machines MOD APK, you will experience fantastic game modes that will also enhance your fighting skills. In the beginning, you have to go into training mode where you will know how to manage and control the tank in battles. After that, you will learn how to focus on your enemies and then shoot at them. When you learn all these things properly, you will be able to fight in the wars of tanks.

Then, you can also play online with other players and also interact with them. If you want to play in a team, you can join a team and defeat your enemies with the help of your teammates. But if you like to play alone, you have to fight against all the players alone without any help. There are also many amazing modes where you can wipe out your enemies and prove yourself.

6. A lot of Awesome Tanks to Choose:

There are a lot of awesome tanks from which you can choose your favorite one in this game. Because if this game gives you only one tank for the battles, it will be annoying and boring to see only one tank each time. That’s why this game provides you with a variety of incredible tanks for a fantastic experience. You have an incredible selection of tanks for battles.

For increasing their strengths you can upgrade your tanks to their maximum level. In the tank store, there are incredible tanks of different colors, forms, and patterns available for the players. You can also customize your tank according to your style. So, if you want to enjoy the terrific tank battles, then you must download the War Machines MOD APK.

7. Protect your Nation’s Army:

In this game, you have to protect your nation and your army from your enemies in the battles of tanks. You need to make smart game plans and increase your skills to defeat your enemies. For this purpose, you will need a lot of coins which you can get by playing well in the matches. Then with those coins, you can upgrade your weapons and tanks that help you in protecting your nation. So, save your nation, from foreign lands and enemies in the military wars.

8. Extensive and Vast Maps:

War Machines gives you extensive and vast maps in the game for your help. These maps are very amazing and help you a lot in detecting your enemies. Then you will be aware of every problem without being caught by your enemies. You already know where your enemy is coming from and then you can attack them. You can go anywhere with the help of these maps.

9. Easily Change the Controls of the Game:

In this game, you can easily change the controls of the game for the convenience of the players. Unlike other games, you will not face any difficulty in managing and controlling this game. You can also adjust the controls of the game according to your need. Its controls are very simple and easy and you can also become a pro player after playing the game for some time. The beginners also face no problem in managing the controls of the game.

10. Dynamic Graphics and Impressive Sound Quality:

It gives you dynamic graphics and impressive sound quality that grabs the attention of its players. This game gives you 3D realistic graphics and displays. The tanks used in the game also look like real-world tanks with small details. Every single detail of the game, including the locations, is incredible. You will love these wonderful 3D graphics.

On the other hand, the sound quality is also very impressive. The sound of tank battles with a very authentic sound gives you the impression of being very adventurous. You can feel the sound of real wars of tanks happening in the world which adds to the excitement of the players.

How to Download the War Machines MOD APK Mod Menu?

If you want to download the War Machines MOD APK game or the simple version of this game you have to follow some instructions listed below:

  • If you want to download the simple version of War Machines MOD APK, you have to go to the Google PlayStore.
  • Then search for this game in the search bar and when you get the result click on your intended game.
  • After that, click on the download option given on your game site and it will be easily downloaded.
  • But if you want to download the modded version of War Machines MOD APK, then you have to follow some more regulations.
  • For installing the mod version, first, you have to uninstall the previous version of this game because without installing the previous version you may not be able to download the modified version of War Machines MOD APK.
  • Once you uninstall the previous version, now you can easily install the mod version.
  • After that, you have to go to the setting option of your mobile and click on the security setting to enable the unknown sources.
  • Because sometimes the modified versions of games are not permitted on mobile devices so we need to enable unknown sources.
  • After that settings, simply click on the download button to download this game.
  • Then go to the downloaded file and click on the install button.
  • After installing, the game will appear on your mobile display screen, and then start playing and enjoying it.


If you are interested in tanks, then you will surely love this game as it offers you different types of tanks for the experience. By reading our article you will know the whole game completely along with its features. You can play alone as well as in teams in this game against your opponents. It costs you nothing and is fully secure for your devices. 

Downloading the modified version gives you additional features such as you can see your enemies on the radar every time when they are around you. You can increase the capacity and the power of your tanks by upgrading them and there are a variety of tanks to choose from for battles. However, if you like this game and like to download it, you can check out our website and get this game easily. If you have any problem downloading it, please comment below and we will try to resolve your issue. I hope our article will help you a lot in understanding this game.

Note: If you like more interesting games like this one, such as Modern Combat 3 and Last Day on Earth MOD APK you can check out our website.

FAQs About The War Machines MOD APK:

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