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Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Diamonds and All Dragon Unlocked)

Nowadays, when life is full of stress and burden, games are a great source of getting enjoyment. For playing games on mobiles, there is no need for a proper place or other things, you can easily play them at any time where you want without any problem. As we know that almost everyone in this world like dragons and wants to know more about dragons. Here I will tell you about one of the best Hungry Dragon MOD APK with all its features in this article. So, if you like dragons and want to play with dragons then this game is perfect for you. You can easily download this game from our website for free with all its features.

This amazing game is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. The developers of this game get a lot of popularity because of this amazing game which gets millions of downloads from all over the world. If you want some additional benefits which make your game easy then you have to download the modified version of Hungry Dragon MOD APK. In the modified version, you will get unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited blood, unlimited mana, bugs fixed, and many more to give you a remarkable gaming experience.

hungry dragon mod apk by modapkplanet

In this game, you can unlock legendary creatures with a variety of new powers which makes your dragons more powerful. There are a large variety of dragons from which you can pick any you want. This game also gives you a lot of power-ups which you can use for making your dragon more powerful to catch the prey. There are some pets and creatures you get in this game that can be used to enhance the strength of your dragons. You can also become a dragon’s friend in the game by helping them in surviving and catch prey.

You can also play and enjoy this game with online gamers to get a lot of enjoyment. This game gives you simple controls to guide and manage your dragon in the game the way you want. It gives you wonderful graphics with good sound quality to get an amazing gaming experience. Therefore, download this game from our website for free with all its premium features and enjoy playing with your favorite dragons.

Advantages of Hungry Dragon MOD APK:

When you downloaded the modded version of Hungry Dragon MOD APK you will get a lot of benefits that make the game easy and more interesting.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimted Blood
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Bugs And Errors Are Fixed
  • Free To Play
  • Play Offline As Well

General Information About The Game:

The general information about this game is given.

  • The name of this amazing game is: Hungry Dragon MOD APK
  • The size of this game is: 134.4 Mb
  • The name of the developer of this great game is: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • The latest version of this game is: v4.0
  • The operating system of this game is: Android 4.4 +

Features of the game:

Hungry Dragon is a unique game because of its different and amazing features which are listed below.

1. Simple And Interesting Gameplay:

Hungry Dragon MOD APK has simple and interesting gameplay for its players to get an adventure. In this game, you are free to explore and wander the lands using your amazing dragons. It gives you simple and intuitive controls for guiding your dragon in the game. You will get an amazing gaming experience in which you have to eat everything that comes in your way like animals, creatures, animals, and also humans.

Moreover, it gives you a large number of dragons to choose from with amazing power-ups and skills. It also allows you to play this game with your friends and other online players. This game is completely free to play without any need for an internet connection. You will also face monsters and different creatures to keep moving in the game. So, download this game and enjoy the interesting gameplay. 

2. Eat Things When You Have Multiple Goals:

This game gives you multiple goals which you need to complete with your gaming skills and abilities. Your dragon has to eat everything that comes in its way. This game gives you different amazing power-ups for your dragon to make it strong enough to fight with monsters and other legendary creatures with different powers. 

You can use different powers such as fire breathing, ice, lighting, and many more through which you can easily take down your enemies in the game. In this game, you can also customize your dragons and enjoy the game with other online players without any hassle. Therefore, download this game and enjoy fighting with different creatures.

3. Unlock Legendary Creatures And Gain New Powers:

In this game, you can unlock legendary creatures and gain new powers to enjoy a lot of in-game challenges. It allows you to choose any of your favorite creatures without any hassle. You will also gain new and amazing powers which you can use to get food for dragons. These powers are also helpful in the survival of dragons. There are a large variety of hybrid dragons which have lots of new powers. Therefore, download this game and unlock legendary creatures to gain new powers to win the battles against your opponents.  

4. Enjoy the Game With Online Gamers:

This game allows you to play and enjoy the game with online gamers. You can play the different and amazing challenges with your friends to get an incredible adventuring experience. If you want to increase your gaming experience ad skills, you must play with different players in online mode. You can compete for high rankings in the challenges by defeating your opponents in the game. 

It also gives you amazing small fish big fish gameplay to play with your friends. You will also get exciting and amazing rewards by completing the challenges against your opponents. So, download this game and enjoy playing it with online gamers to get rewards. 

5. Become A Dragon’s Friend:

In this game, there is a friend called Nibbler who is a cute but a little bit dangerous dragon. You have to help your friend Nibbler in catching prey for its survival because if they do not eat properly there is a chance that he will die soon. The more things they eat, the more he becomes powerful. When they have maximum power they can throw more fire breathing to kill the enemies. But you need to be careful because some creatures are dangerous for the Nibbler to eat. So, download this game and become a good dragon friend. 

6. Large Variety of Dragons And Amazing Power-Ups: 

In Hungry Dragon, you will find a large variety of dragons with different and amazing power-ups. There are different types of dragons like fire-breathing dragons which kill their enemies using fire and the icy dragon which can freeze their enemies. You can also customize your dragons by unlocking a lot of costumes to make them look different. Each type of dragon has different powers and skills for destroying its enemies. You will face different creatures, monsters, and many other things.

In this game, you will also get different pets and creatures that can be used to increase the powers of your dragons and make them more strong. When your dragons become strong enough they can easily catch their prey for eating. So, download this amazing game and enjoy it for free. 

7. Simple And Intuitive Controls:

This game gives you simple and intuitive controls to manage your dragons in any direction you want. You can control your dragon by simply pressing a touch button given on the display screen. If you want to use the powers of your dragon such as fire breathing, you have to press the power button. 

Using the power button, you can enable your favorite skills and powers for catching a lot of prey. You can also use fire breathing to kill more prey at a time and eat them for making your dragon more powerful. So, download this game and enjoy playing with simple controls to manage your dragon. 

8. Customize Your Dragons: 

In Hungry Dragon, you can also customize your dragon to make it different and more stylish than other dragons. For customizing your dragons, you will get a large variety of costumes from which you can choose any you want without any hassle. Changing costumes will not have any effect on the power and abilities of your dragons as it will only change the appearance of your dragon. So, download this game and customize your dragon the way you want.

9. Amazing Graphics And Sound Quality:

This game gives you amazing graphics and sound quality which provides you a fantastic gaming experience. Because of these graphics, you can enjoy every single movement of your dragons. These graphics make the game very smooth and straightforward for the players. The developers of this game make their full efforts to embed this game with amazing graphics.

Moreover, the sound quality of this game is also very impressive. The sound used in this game gives the player a separate level of adventure. These soundtracks make you completely immersed in this amazing game. So, download this game and enjoy the amazing graphics with fantastic sound quality.

How to download the Hungry Dragon MOD APK Latest Version?

It is very easy to download the Hungry Dragon MOD APK or the simple version of this game. You have to follow some steps that are listed below:

  • Firstly, if you want to download the simple version of this game, you have to go to the google play store.
  • Then, search the Hungry Dragon game in the search bar, and you will get the results then click on the searched game you want to download.
  • After that, click on the download option, and the game will be downloaded on your mobile.
  • But if you want to download the Hungry Dragon MOD APK version of this game, you have to follow some more instructions.
  • First of all, you have to uninstall the previous version of this Hungry Dragon. Without uninstalling the previous version, you may not be able to download the modded version of Hungry Dragon MOD APK.
  • Once you uninstall the previous version you can easily download the modded version of this game. After that, go to the setting option of your mobile device and press the security setting.
  • After entering the setting option, click on the unknown sources to enable it.
  • Because sometimes the modified versions of games are not permitted on the devices. That’s why we need to enable the “unknown sources option.”
  • After that, you only need to click on the download button given on this game site.
  • Then go to the download file, click on the game and press the install button.
  • After installing it, the game will appear on your mobile screen then press the game icon and start playing the game to have fun.


In the end, I tell you that I have discussed completely all the features of the Hungry Dragon. You can play this game offline without an internet connection. Now it is up to you whether you like this game and want to download it. It is completely free to download with all features. You can get an amazing experience of playing with dragons in this game. It also allows you to customize your dragons the way you want. There is a large variety of dragons that you can easily manage with simple controls.

This is free from all security threats and completely secure for playing on your mobiles. If you want to download it then you can easily have Hungry Dragon MOD APK for free on our website with all its premium features. Thanks for reading our article. I hope you will like it.

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FAQs About The Hungry Dragon MOD APK 2022:

Here are some of the FAQs about this MOD APK game:

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