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War Robots Game 2023 is Free For Android

Everyone wants to play games to get some comfort from their busy work routine. Playing games will give you peace of mind and comfort for some time. We know that almost every person likes robots and wants to play robotic games. They want to play the character of a robot in games. So, here I will recommend to you the War Robots Mod Apk which is one of the best games for robot lovers. This game gives you an amazing experience of playing with robots in battles against opponents.


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You can also enjoy the solo battles in this game in which you have to fight against all your enemies alone. This game gives you a variety of destructive weapons through which the robots kill their enemies in the wars. If you download the modified version of the War Robots Mod Apk you will get a lot of additional features and benefits. These benefits include unlimited money, unlimited ammo, unlimited silver, unlimited rockets, unlimited missiles, and unlimited everything that makes your game more exciting.

War Robots Mod Apk

This game provides you with several modes such as Arena, Quick-match, Team Deathmatch, and many others. The developer of this game is PIXONIC who has made this amazing and fantastic game with many features. You can build your own squad and a team of powerful robots. There are 50-plus robots available in this game with special skills and abilities. You can choose your favorite robot for taking part in battles. 

This game gives you various maps and locations to explore. It gives you the chance to play with other online players and gamers in multiplayer mode all around the world. You can add up to 6 robots to your team and join the fantastic 6v6 battles. You can also upgrade the abilities of your robots. There is also an amazing customization option in which you can customize your robot. The controls are very easy and manageable for the players to control the robots.

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Advantages of War Robots Mod Apk:

If you download the modified version of War Robots Apk you will get a number of advantages that will help you a lot in the game.  

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Infinite Rockets
  3. Unlimited Ammo
  4. Infinite Money
  5. Unlimited Missiles
  6. Infinite Platinum 
  7. Unlimited Bullets
  8. Unlock New Robots
  9. Unlimited Everything
  10. Unlock New Maps

Features of the Game:

The War Robots Mod Apk gives you a lot of amazing and fantastic features that make the game more interesting and exciting. These features are listed below.

1. Build your own Squad:

You can also build your own squad or team of powerful robots with special skills and abilities. In this team, you can add your favorite six robots and there are a variety of destructive weapons from which you can choose for your robot. You can also upgrade the skills of your robots in order to increase their strength and power in fighting in battles. You can play in different amazing modes with your teammates and fight to win in the game. But for a better game plan, you must choose powerful and strong robots for your squad.

2. Different Robots with Special Powers and Skills:

War Robots game gives you different robots with special powers and skills for taking part in battles. There are 50-plus robots from which you can choose your favorite one. These robots are machines with special skills and powers that give you remarkable fighting experience during the fights. Every robot has different skills and abilities which makes them special. 

You can also upgrade the skills and powers of your robots. Upgrading the skills and powers will enhance the strength of your robots then you can fight easily in the battles. Playing with these amazing robots will give you an amazing fighting experience of robotic battles. Additionally, you can easily download the latest version of Slither.io Mod Apk from our website.

3. Variety of Amazing Weapons:

In this game, you will get a variety of amazing weapons through which you can easily defeat your opponents in battles. You will get three different types of weapons such as light, medium, and heavy in the game. Each type of weapon is different and unique from the others. The light weapon might be low in weight, but its damaging capacity is also less than the others. So, you need to carefully choose a weapon that is strong enough to kill your opponents easily. 

4. Several Fantastic Modes:

There are several fantastic modes for the players to get an amazing experience in the game. These amazing modes include Team Deathmatch, Quick Match, Arena, Free for all, Beacon Rush, and Domination for wonderful gameplay. All these modes give the players a unique experience and enhance their skills. You can play in the Arena mode only on the weekends.

Moreover, the modes have two types such as custom and default. In the custom mode, you can select or add a large number of players to your team for the battles and can select a map of your own. But in the default mode, you have to play in 6v6 battles with a random map. If you want to play alone, you can also experience solo battles. But in multiplayer mode, you will get the chance to play with different players from all around the world.   

5. Simple and Easy Controls:

This game has simple, easy, and intuitive control for its players through which you can easily control your robots in the battles. But that does mean that if the controls are easy the game will also be easy. You have to play this game very cleverly because you have to face powerful soldiers worldwide in the battles. To enhance the power of your robot you need to upgrade and unlock its unique skills. 

So, you have to play this game with your full strength and power to win the game. However, you do not have to worry about the controls as they are very simple and play the game to get a lot of adventure. Furthermore, you can easily download the latest version of Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk from our website.

6. Experience Solo Battles:

If you want to enjoy and experience solo battles in the game you can also play alone. Playing alone in the game will also give you a brilliant experience against all the best robot commanders. When you play solo battles your fighting skills will also increase and you will play better in the robot wars with the commanders. 

You will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fantastic modes to play. It also provides you with various maps and locations that make the game more interesting and exciting. You have to keep an eye on the leaderboard to make your place on top.

7. Various Maps and Locations:

The War Robots Apk provides you with various amazing maps and locations to explore. It gives you 12 different types of maps and locations. Every map is different and unique from the others. The maps give you the sights of castles, valleys, and many more beautiful places. You can also see the Springfields, which are divided by the river and there is a bridge that connects them. There are also many other things like trees, barriers, and many more like that, so, download this amazing game and get a chance to explore wonderful locations.

8. Customization Option:

The War Robots Game gives you an amazing customization option for your robots. With this customization option, you can customize your robots according to your desire. You can choose any weapon that is suitable for your robot according to his ability to fight in battle. There are 50 plus robots available in this game which you can customize with your favorite skills and abilities provided in the game. So, download this game and enjoy amazing customization options.    

9. Play with Online Gamers in Multiplayer Mode:

This game also gives you the opportunity to play with online gamers in multiplayer mode. When you play with different players from all over the world your robotic skills and strengths will also increase. As it is an amazing FPS game, it gives you simple and intuitive controls to manage your robots in the game. 

You can also build your own squad of powerful robots with special skills and abilities. And you can upgrade and unlock the unique skills of your robots to increase their fighting powers. You have to fight for the leaderboard and try to be in the top positions. So, if you want to play with different players at a global level then download this game and have a lot of fun. 

10. Outstanding Graphics and Sound Quality:

This game has outstanding graphics and sound quality for its players. You will experience an amazing 3D display and view in this game. These graphics give the locations a very clear look. The developers make extra efforts on creating the graphics as well as the sound of this game. 

On the other hand, the sound quality is also very impressive. This sound gives you a real robotic war experience with a lot of adventure and thrill. You can interact with other teammates through voice chats while playing the game as a team. So, enjoy this game with remarkable graphics and sound quality.

My Review:

This game is included in my favorites because it gives the opportunity to play with robots. In this game, you will get different robots to experience solo and team battles. Each robot has its different skills and combating style. To play in multiplayer mode, you have to make your squad of powerful robots then you can easily defeat your opponents. The game has a wide range of weapons to equip your robots. In the mod version, you will get unlimited gold, infinite rockets, and many more which help you win the battles. So, I recommend this game if you like to play with robots.

How To Download War Robots Mod Apk Latest Version?

It is not a big deal to download the War Robots Mod Apk version or an original version of this game. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

How To Download
How To Download
  • Firstly, if you want to download the original version of this game, you have to go to Google PlayStore.
  • Then, search for this game in the search section, and you will find the results, then click on the game you want to download.
  • After that, click on the download option, and you will get this game easily.
  • But if you want to download the modded version of War Robots Apk, then you have to follow more instructions.
  • First, you need to uninstall the previous version of the War Robots Game. Without uninstalling the previous version, you will not be able to download the modified version of War Robots Apk Mod.
  • Then, go to your mobile device’s settings option and click on security settings.
  • When you enter the setting, click unknown sources to enable it.
  • Because sometimes the modified versions of games are not allowed on devices. So, we need to enable “unknown sources.”
  • After that settings. All you have to do is to click on the download button provided on this site to start downloading.
  • Then go to the download file, click on the game, and press the install button.
  • After installing it, just tap the game icon and start playing the game to enjoy it.


In the end, now you will know everything about this game. This game gives you the opportunity to play with robots and take part in robot wars. You can play solo and multiplayer modes in this game. As I have told you all the things about this game now it is up to you whether you like this game or not and want to download it. You will get unlimited money, ammo, silver, and many other things in its mod version.

If you like this amazing game you can find this game on our website. If you face any issues while downloading this game you can comment below. I will try to reach you and try to solve your problem. Thanks for visiting our site and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. I hope you like it.

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